Christian VA Creed – Letter Style

letter desktop photoDear Future Client:

We haven’t met each other yet (or have we?) but, there are some things I’d like to communicate to you on this day that acknowledges the expectancy I have about serving you and your business’s needs.

Occasionally, I wonder if you pray for me as I pray for you. I do, you know. A lot! God has been doing such amazing work in my life. I am learning to rest in the fact that His timing is perfect. If He hasn’t introduced us yet, He has a good reason for it. I have turned the longings for future work into prayers, instead. Additionally, I have focused on sharpening my skills and endeavored to obtain learning experiences to further increase my value to you, dear client.

I pray that He is making you into the client He created you to be when you were still wide-eyed with enthusiasm about launching a business and knew endless possibilities could become reality. I effectuate especially for wisdom, vision, meekness, and humility as we each accept our roles as business owners. I ask the Holy Spirit to empower you to live a fulfilling life of ‘enough’ in this often aggrandized and social media-driven society. I believe He wants you to be an entrepreneur that loves His word, His people, and His presence who reaps satisfaction as well as, rewards in serving your own customers so, I pray these desires to outmaneuver all others.

And, I pray that God gives you eyes for me. That, as your virtual assistant and a key part of your business support team you will recognize me when we meet and pursue me.

Until that day, know that I am allowing God to make me into the virtual assistant He created me to be. I hope that you’ll pardon me for not believing you are the better half as to fully make this work we must enter as equally important and knowledgeable business owners (working B2B) who compliment each other’s strengths. Our working relationship will be based on mutually beneficial respect, good communication, and working hard to reach the results within our reach. A dynamic duo, we will be.

Until we begin that first project, take comfort in knowing that I will be singing, dancing, and resting in God’s plan for my life. I’ll also be praying for you. I already know I’m going to love that first project and rejoice in working with you.

In Joy,

Your Future Virtual Assistant