Welcome to PKE Executive Services – Virtual Assistant

Hello! I’m Kimberly, The Virtual Assistant.

I offer a variety of administrative services to help you alleviate the chadesk stress photoos and headaches for day to day office duties. I offer assistance with administrative duties that will allow you to take your time back and give you the freedom to focus on your core business.

desk happy photoIt’s all about the experience. It’s about having fun through your journey. It’s about succeeding in your business. I’d like to be there to help you through the experience. It doesn’t matter what the milestone you are experiencing. Whatever your need is regarding executive services, I would love to help you achieve that success.

PKE Executive Services – Virtual Assistant is an all-inclusive service that provides service to help you get business done; with 20 plus years of caring executive experience serving others, I provide executive administrative services to small businesses [photographers, wellness coaches, nurses, fitness trainers, nutritionists, and any of the complementary holistic health services] that cares. I use cutting edge cloud services, have world-class attention to detail with integrity, with care, and delivery on time. PKE Executive Services – Virtual Assistant delivers business services you can be proud of.